Occupations most trusted

Firefighters 96 per cent
Nurses 95 per cent
Farmers 92 per cent
Doctors 89 per cent
Teachers 88 per cent
Engineers 88 per cent
Police officers 81 per cent
Judges 78 per cent
Notaries 75 per cent
Bankers 72 per cent
Church representatives 64 per cent
Pollsters 62 per cent
Economists 62 per cent
Senior public servants 50 per cent
Journalists 49 per cent
Lawyers 48 per cent
Insurance brokers 46 per cent
Real estate agents 42 per cent
Publicists 40 per cent
Unionists 38 per cent
Car salespeople 19 per cent
Politicians 14 per cent


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  What's your Occupation

In your field of expertise, most would find it hard to take advantage of you without your consent. However, beyond that, assuming you are not in the car business, how knowledgeable would you be buying a vehicle? I have no similar qualifications and can therefore be taken for a ride myself.

For example, my worse fear is having to call an electrician, plumber, furnace or air-conditioner technician since I don't have any family members or close friends in the business.

A plumbing problem a few years back prompted me to search the yellow pages where I chose a plumbing company with a full page ad with bold text: "FREE service call". I figured such a large company with a full page ad would lesson my fear about dishonesty. The technician stared at the plumbing problem for the longest time, opened his service book, and recommended service plan "C" at $325 I said thanks for your free service call, but no thanks. That evening I surfed the internet for solutions and found a simple adjustment to the pump and it's been in good working order ever since.

What has this plumbing story got to do with buying a car? Everything.

1. When you buy a new or used car, the dealership will offer you many aftermarket products that may be a waste of money

2. When you arrive at a dealership with your vehicle for regular maintenance, keep in mind that most service advisers work on a bonus system and may recommend service that's not really needed

SUMMARY: I did not let the plumber play with my emotions to make quick decisions, but took the time to study my options. The same applies when buying a car. Find the time to study your options. Trying to understand all the information this site is trying to download your brain with I realize can be very confusing, if something doesn't make sense, post it in the website forum for a quick answer


No offense, repair guys, but we don't always trust your fuzzy math

 THE #1 CAR-REPAIR RIP-OFF: engine work.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says that auto shops - one of the 10 most complained-about industries last year - routinely charge customers for replacing engine parts they never even touched!

BEAT THE SWINDLE: Tell your mechanic that you want to see any parts they remove and replace. "That way, they have to come clean about exactly what they did under your hood.

THE #1 PLUMBING RIP-OFF: leaky pipes or faucets.
Many plumbers will stick you with a higher bill claiming that the original estimate was for "labor only" and didn't include travel and parts.

BEAT THE SWINDLE: Ask for all costs in writing up front. Also, buy any new parts yourself. "Some plumbers will charge you $100 just for a trip to Home Depot.

THE #1 ELECTRICIAN RIP-OFF: rewiring when you've got a short. 
Many customers complain that electricians replace only a few faulty wires properly, and the problem returns days later.

BEAT THE SWINDLE: "Always ask for a warranty on the work," The BBB says any reputable electrician should offer at least a 30-day guarantee


Surfing for car Info ?

Eliminate sites that entice you with answers you can only obtain from products such as books - CD'S or having to become a member or sign up.

Be Aware reading 3rd party info such as articles by freelance writers, in most cases the information has been obtained by study, and may not be 100% reliable.

Q & A forums most answers are provided by people whom are not in the auto industry,while most answers are excellent " be cautious " before you
make a hasty decision on an answer provided to a question.