Buying a sealed product of any shelf only an idiot will end up with the product that's not sealed or having been re- sealed for sale

 Buying a used car you have no choice

The seal has been broken

you absolutely must safeguard the purchase with your own history report



Buying a used vehicle - The 3 major area's of concern


History - Step 1 If I was a consumer buying a used vehicle having no ties to the industry only using the knowledge I have required, History would be my very first priorty , why is this car for sale ? how many owners, State of origin, any accidents, branded title, any recalls , do I trust the private seller with answers - do I trust the dealer's salesperson " NO " the sad truth is most buyers are gullible and fall for a sellers pitch not having the time to investigate the power of their own money.

You absolutely must safeguard any used car purchase with a History Report, it blows my mind the high number of buyer's that are prepared to invest thousand of dollars, but not a few dollars to secure the investment.

The seller may have a history report in hand, but it may have been purchased right after an issue and the report has not had time to go through the system.

Most dealers today when asked will disclose a history report that entails several pages , unless you really know how the report is structured and what to look for, a vital page could be missing, I really don't wan't to downgrade the majority of dealers to this extend as most are honest in this area, but at the same time I seen this little game close a few deals.

Private Seller Most private sellers are legitimate, and a fair amount that is not,,, having covered step 1 with history report in hand looking good it's time to make the phone call.

Vehicle still for sale

Where can I see this vehicle

Are you the registered owner of this vehicle " if song and dance " hang up

Is there anything defective or not in working order not disclosed in your post before I make the trip.

Upon arrival if visual inspection pass to the next step, ask to view title/ownership that it matches address location where your at, ask for sellers ID " drivers licence " that it matches title,,, don't be embaressed to ask, it's your hard earned bucks on the line, your the buyer in control, especially buying privately.

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