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On average a buyer purchase a car every
2 - 5 years 

the average salesperson sell 
2 - 5 cars a week

the odds are not with you on the battlefield without homework


Ray Paulsen has answered thousands of consumer Questions view over 1000 posted by  Allexperts.com  of America


The # 1 Scammers in the Industry. If you think Dealers and Salespeople - think again


Maybe soon gas stations will start showing PORN movies on the screens of the pumps so that you can watch someone else get screwed simultaneously 


Buying a car is not one transaction 
There are four rolled into one

*Car Price 
*Trade Value
*Business Office

The Dealer sees all four as ways to profit

This site is not about getting the deal of the century

but will teach how to level the playing field 

He drove his car for 82 years in massachusetts Until his death at the age of 102

A full size import considered the most prestigious car for decades link # 30



The salesman with his checkered jacket bow tie and polyester pants has been put out to pasture

you now have to deal with a new breed called consultants that relies on computers for brains


Salesman's Greeting

How to be left alone without salesman standing 5ft behind you at all times link #21


This is a hobby site

No google Ads on landing pages to confuse contents


Next to purchasing a home, transportation is the single most expensive commodity in the average household

It's a huge investment!!! Your Mom and Dad had very few information references when buying their first car. They were confined to the library, magazines, books, word of mouth and trust. Today, there are no excuses for not getting the value you deserve. You simply type a few keywords into your search engine and thousands of links are at your fingertips! Unfortunately, little has changed over time  

Buyers make the same mistakes over and over with every car purchase, leaving dealerships with the upper hand and ability to profit more than ever. WHY 0 Many consumers have spent hours surfing gathering information, enter a dealership with a know-it-all attitude but leave with the short end of the stick   


Did you know a clean titled vehicle at one time could have been a salvage Under navigation click #5 for details


Top 10 mistakes Buyers make entering a Dealership Be honest with yourself, did you cover these 10 mistakes when purchasing your last vehicle under navigation click #14 for details



Shopping for a Brand New Car ? You will be a pigeon dealing with a shark unless you follow some simple  steps understanding  invoice cost #17 and tips about before you shop click #3


Identity Theft  With the tools at hand today the FBI estimates that 11 million Americans will be a victim this year - putting your chances at around 1 in 27 of becoming a statistic. How does your Credit Score compare with the rest of the Nation ? the answers at navigation link #32


What's Best - Selling your vehicle Privately or Trade-In at Dealership
Privately you figure more $$$$ ? - Trade you figure less hassle ? navigate to link #19 


How to Negotiate your Best Price    Don't think for one moment you're a whiz " your angle is covered "   pointers how dealers negotiate at link #10 and how you should negotiate at link #11


Beware the Type Contract You Sign You buy a car Sign a contract Drive car home * 
A few days later the dealer calls and demands a new contract to be signed, or worse yet, you must return vehicle, deal is off, link #31


Free Auto Insurance Quotes on the Internet I highly recommend everybody pursue this Free service for savings if you know how to separate the legitimate providers from scammers .navigate to #26


Buyers Beware - curbsiders thrive on free websites such as CRAIGLIST and KIJIJI 
Don't buy any vehicle from a private seller unless you know what a curbsider is ?  navigate to #15 for details 
Government Auctions  Dealers buy here -  why not You ? 
It's the best kept secret being a very protected source of revenue for the majority of car dealerships and is not advertised to the general public - But facts are you can also become a member and know all dates.  Under navigation click #13 for details


Buying a former rental VS lease return whats best ? 
2 million used cars sold annually with unfixed Mfg recalls, are you driving one ? 
For answers to both questions navigate to link #9


Carfax VS AutoCheck - History Report   Which is better ? link to #27


When is the best time to buy a car Jan - Feb - March - Apr - May - June - July - Aug - Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec ????? link to navigation #16 for answers




 How to avoid getting scammed buying an Extended Auto Warranty 
 You buy a car -  every dealer then tries to jam an extended warranty down your throat " why " link to #34 for answers


Shoppers repeately query dealerships with the same questions  " are you one of them ? "
Has car Been In an Acccident - Service Records Available - What's your Interest rate - The price is negotiable -  What's my Trade worth - How many previous Owners - Can I take car to my Mechanic - How much is Insurance - Was this a Rental car - What Warranty come with car - Where did this car come from - I only want to buy a low Mileage car - I Only want to buy Import - Has car been Smoked in, a question on the increase that make or break many sales

 These are very valid questions that most consumers will ask, the pro salesman  have answered these type questions thousand of times and can answer in a flash without hesitation being very convincing with each answer, studying this site you will know an expected answer from a shady answer.

Major league strikes against buyer  -  Bases Loaded for Dealer 
My Budget is $$$$
 Don't Tell My monthly Affordable is $$$$ Don't Tell How much down payment Don't Ask
My credit's not very good
 Don't Tell Paying Cash what's your best price Don't Ask
Upside - down with a trade ? Beware dealerships know how to succeed getting you financed, end result could be still making payments on a car sitting at the wreckers  

Be it Chicago or Tim buck two, nobody gives you a break anywhere, its really up to you if you want to learn how the process works buying a car, many consumers cannot find the time, nor have the patience, will not only having paid to much but also end up with a lemon, then bitch and complain to anyone with an open ear. you want cheese with that whine


        How do you know when it's time to hang up the car keys