Scratches and Dents

 You seen advertised the car you really like...the price is right and the demo drive was perfect...but now looking at the car after your test drive you notice Dents and Scratches



BUFFING the vehicle will eliminate small swirl marks

SCRATCHES depend on the depth of the scratch and will dictate whether or not it can be buffed out...A good rule of thumb is to give it the fingernail test...If you run your fingernail through the scratch and it gets stuck, means you cannot buff out the scratch...If your vehicle has a non metallic paint it can usually be touched up with a paint stick...The label with Mfg specifications is located on side panel when driver door open and will have paint code...Obtain the right matching paint stick by getting it supplied from a dealer that sells same make of vehicle

IF your vehicle has metallic paint and the scratch is deep, it will require the section, ie: door panel or fender to be painted

DENTS...Stand back about 10 to 15 ft looking down sides of car...any little dings you notice on the panels its very likely the dealer can have them removed ,at same time stand back side of car checking hood and trunk for small dents.If a dent is relatively small with no sharp edges and the technician can access the backside of the damage panel, you will never know there once was a dent, a cost factor anywhere from $60 to $150 subject to work time and location of damage.


Buying any vehicle you would like it to look as new as possible, a reputable franchise dealerships have professional technicians repair dents and scratches as part of their recondition program, a process that could cost a few hundered dollars for 2 or 3 little dings and a few scratches. Just one more reason why you may be paying slightly more at a Franchise dealer.


Are dead bugs, wet leaves, water from your sprinkler and bird droppings, All of these have elements in them to eat right through your paint job