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Identity Theft. With the tools at hand today the FBI estimates that 11 million Americans will be a victim this year - putting your chances at around 1 in 27 of becoming a statistic.

Financial fraud today is the number one consumer complaint and growing steadily with every day passing, credit cards - debit cards - your sin # - drivers licence - passport - cell phone etc. With sophisticated software and printers available today creating false identification is a breeze.

Every day thousands of consumers get burned buying a car and will be much wiser second time around. With Identity Theft there may not be a second time around, with the first encounter your life can become a nightmare taking several years clearing your name and your credit. If you think it can't happen to you, you must like the odds 1 in 27.

It can't happen to you because you take precautions.

At bank machines and check out counters you block the view while entering the pin #, you even hold one hand over the pad in case of an installed ceiling camera.

At a gas station using your credit card you have also learned to press the clear button when finished so it does not remain open on the counter inside the store.

At eating establishment you never let your credit card out of sight, right ? The point I am trying to make here is, no matter how careful it can happen.

With everything mentioned you may still procrastinate thinking, so if it happens, the credit card provider will deal with the issue, yes they will in most cases, but make sure you have read the fine print what that $$$ limit is because any fraud above that limit becomes your nightmare.  

Identity thieves use information to open credit card accounts in your name, take out loans, buy cars, establish wireless service, and more.
A person has his or her identity stolen about every 70 seconds.
The information needed to steal a person’s identity is acquired by stealing a wallet or mail, rummaging through trash to acquire old credit card or bank statements.

I got stung once. A few years ago at a WalMart check out counter my credit card was denied, I don't think there was anything more humiliating than the people behind me checking me out, I went directly to my bank, was turned over via phone to the bank's security unit, and found out someone 1000 miles away had withdrawn $500. through an ATM machine, how or why they questioned the transaction I will never know, but I assured them I was not in that location at that time, they politly told me the $500. would be reimbursed into my account within 3 days. something like this has to happen to you personally before you start to think it could have been much worse.

We are pioneers of technology that was duped as the superhighway in the 90's, a highway that is still far away from protecting consumers, scammers in Nigeria that needs help to transfer millions of dollars or hackers that have you pursue links that is infected with permanent pop up's or make you computer run at 40% and then want your money to correct the problem, the scams are endless with Identity thieves having reached the very top of the list, safeguard yourself with the best tool available today, don't give thieves or hackers an opportunity to ruin your life Call Lexington Law 855 801 1722

A look at credit scores among the US population

Up to 499: 1% 
500 - 549: 5% 
550 - 599: 7%
600 - 649: 11%
650 - 699: 16%
700 - 749: 20%
750 - 799: 29% 
Over 800: 11%
Credit scores (usually) range from 340 to 850. The higher your score, the less risk a lender believes you will be. As your score climbs, the interest rate you are offered will probably decline.

Excellent - 750 - 850
Good 660 - 749
Fair 620 - 659
Poor 350 - 619

Google ads implanted into web pages can be usefull

When you visit a site that allows google ads implanted you will note the ads tie in with the contents because the Google crawler that never sleeps pick up key words from that web page and implement ads to fit content. It's visitor beware having options to pursue further links that tie in with contents. 

Unfortunately Google ads don't tie in with contents on this site.

Google would be posting the very fraudulent sites that the FTC and FBI have warned consumers about