Service - Maintenance - History Records

It's a bonus buying a vehicle that come with all service records kept up to date, and makes for a much smoother sale when it's time to sell " keep all maintenance records " It will be an added tool when it's time to sell " Consider the difference between purchasing a car that looks ok but doesn't come with any receipts, and purchasing a car that has been accurately tracked and recorded.

From my experience I estimate that only about 5% of vehicles have service records available, When you view a vehicle at a dealership check the glove box for a manual and service records, if none, ask salesperson if available as some dealers don't leave maintenance. records in their vehicles

If your buying from a private seller and being told no records available, ask where vehicle has been serviced, if serviced at a dealership or a respectable service centre you should be able to obtain the records with the help of the seller.

History Report " Buying from a Dealership "

I really am stunned at the high number of buyers that will not ask a salesperson for a copy of history report, but will except instead a verbal explanation, demand to view a report, if dealer tells you they don't have one or you have to buy one, you walk

Every dealer will have history reports on all inventory, if you have narrowed your choices down to one or two vehicles buying from a dealer, don't waste your money buying a history report, on the other hand if not having narrowed down your choices buying a one month history membership from autoCheck will pre screen which vehicles to look at, and save a lot of leg work.

History Report " Buying from Private Seller

Buying privately compared to buying from a dealer can be very risky, if seller shows you a history report and you don't know the seller personally " red flag  " while many sellers are honest, there are also a fair amount that is not, a history report can very easy be altered through copy/paste.  invest the few bucks to buy your own report to confirm facts.

History Report is a Must Before Purchase

Today there are several website's to check history on vehicle's getting full history on as many vehicles as you like . Carfax and Auto Check are the leaders for checking vehicle history in USA and CarProof best choice in Canada

How Are You Paying for Your New Purchase

If your shopping at a dealership asking about what financing is available , your then considered a payment buyer and you will 100% end up with the short end of the stick.

The educated buyer will have a secured loan amount in place be it from the bank - credit union or established line of credit and goes shopping with that amount

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History of vehicle, looking at vin#

Here is a fun part for you to learn that impressed some of my friends through the years, look through any windshield at drivers side on the dashboard at the 17 vin #'s and say without hesitation this Vehicle was made in MEXICO, and its a 1998 , and it was the # 218,649 coming of the production line.

Here is How it's Done, and you really only have to memorize 3 steps... the rest of the numbers has to do with engine size and options, if you want to get that technical I am sure you will be considered a brain and at same time very boring...

The First Diget will be Country where vehicle was Manufactured

# 1 and 4... USA
# 2............. Canada
# 3.............. Mexico
# J............... Japan
# K............... Korea
# W.............. Germany

There are a few others, but if you’re in North America the above is the most likely.

The 10th digit on the vin# will be the year of vehicle

(J) 1988,,,, (K) 1989,,,, (L) 1990,,,, (M) 1991,,,, (N) 1992,,,, (P) 1993,,,, (R) 1994,,,, (S) 1995,,,, (T) 1996,,,, (V) 1997,,,, (W)1998,,,, (X) 1999,,,, (Y) 2000,,,, (1) 2001,,, (2) 2002,,, (3) 2003,,,, (4) 2004,,,, (5) 2005,,,, (6) 2006,,,,(7) 2007,,,, (8) 2008.,,,, (9) 2009,,,,

(A) 2010,,,, (B) 2011,,,, (C) 2012 --- (H) 2017,,, etc

The last 6 numbers on the vin# is the number coming of the production line.

Knowledgeable buyers or investors would love to find a vintage vehicle with the #000001 or if special type edition were made like only a hundred thousand, I am sure the last 6 Vin # 000001 or 100000 would be a treasure.

Learn these 3 simple steps, when you view a friends car, you will be considered in the know

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