Old scams never die. They just move onto the Internet.


Newspaper sucker Ads

You will only benefit from this type sale if it rains

Yep, fill out the form, the salesman will be only to happy to phone you twice a week while your having dinner

Very true, as long as your offer is not below asking price

3 - 6 MTHS - 1 YEAR

Great deal, if accumulation of interest in the interim period have not been added to payments

Now there is the real deal, take the whole family and leave your credit cards at home

Very true if your grocery shopping,

 Automotive Scams

We all get spam - junk mail, within my expertise I can only comment about automotive, note it's never direct mail from a dealer or Mfg, always a third party. It could be anybody, such as a stay at home mom or college student with excellent Internet skills that started an e- mail spam business that will make a dollar or two should you pursue the link.   

New car Quotes Yes I highly recommend anyone shopping for a brand new vehicle obtain a free quote through the Internet, but from whom or how you deal with the pestering phone calls after your submission becomes the Q  BEFORESHOP

Car Warranty's I can't recall 2 weeks passing without having an email about how to obtain a refund or repairs not performed due too many exclusions in the sevice contract " third-party warranty companies are fly-by-night operations " when to many consumers become a pest with negative reports-forums-BBB or the cash cow slows down - simply start another company.   warranty

Credit Reports I am sure you been pestered with the word " free " surfing the web or through emails  creditscore. 

Identity Theft With the tools at hand today the FBI estimates that 11 million Americans will be a victim of Identity Theft this year - putting your chances at around 1 in 27 of becoming a statistic,,, it's also sad in my findings that providers whom offer services to protect you are scammers also creditscore.

 You must not follow up on any auto advertiser through e-mail, most are buyers beware.


Every time I watch a one minute eye catching car commercial, last 3 seconds on your screen, from $ 299 a mth in huge print and added fine print which even a speed reader cannot read, along with audio...see your local dealer for details.
With fine print added, let's make that about $ 499 a mth.


Now you can finally read some of the fine print that you missed in those 3 second flash TV commercials. Listed at the bottom of newspaper ads you will find the fine print, which the dealer doesn't really want to include, but the law says they must. The Dealer has no choice so they make the print as tiny as allowed by law.
Cleverly designed catchy advertising draws the crowd, But understanding the fine print brings a wise shopper that stands out from the crowd getting valid value.


A very high percentage of shoppers will find a vehicle of interest on a dealer’s website within driving distance. Most of these buyers will phone the dealer for more details before starting the journey. Wanting answers to questions such as Miles, Accident, history, best price, options, what's my trade worth.


The Sales Call ... A highly trained, successful, salesperson will tell you what you want to hear in order to get you to dealership because he knows that he can't sell you a car over the phone.

Where Is The Car ...Ouch you're now at dealership and the car in question is nowhere to be seen...The salesman will tell you any excuse; The vehicle has just been sold, a staff member just took car as a demo without my knowledge and wont be back till___?
The scam works- you're looking for the missing car while the salesperson now has an opportunity to sell you something that is available...It's double traffic bonus for the dealers who advertise a sticker price on a car way below market value.

The # 1 Scam ... You enter a dealers inventory through dealers website, or Auto trader. There may be 100 vehicles listed for sale when in fact there may be only about 50 to 60. The missing cars in question may have been sold weeks ago, but the scam works because you are looking for the missing car, while the salesperson now has an opportunity again to sell you something that is available...


I came across an ad in bold letters... DRIVE- DRAG OR PULL YOUR TRADE $ 1000. GUARANTEED
I showed the ad to two friends and asked "If you were in the market for a new car right now and had a trade worth less than $ 1000, would this ad be of interest to you?" One comment was "I would sure look into it." and the other comment "Wow, how can dealer afford to do that?".

I really was stunned with both answers, I had no idea the average consumer could be that gullible, falling for a scam like that! From that day on I have never questioned the intelligence of dealer ads, only the intelligence of consumers reading them...

HERE IS HOW I READ THE AD ... If you arrive at the dealership with an old clunker that is totally worthless, you will get $ 1000 in a trade on another car, "  It's going to cost the dealer to have it shipped to the wreckers "
That tells me to arrive at dealership with or without a Trade - in,  knowing a $ 1000. discount is in place before I even start to negotiate.

Now if I had a trade worth about $ 500, I then know $1500 discount is where I am at before negotiations starts