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  Buying a Former Rental VS Lease Return

A much asked question by consumers that don't like the idea of buying a vehicle that has been driven by many people… you could save a fair chunk of money by purchasing one of these units, but should you?

Consider this, all major rental outlets keep their units well maintained, really clean, serviced regularly, with all manufacturers warranty and recalls kept up to date…most units are current model year or no more than one model year old with Mfg's full warranty still in place

Lets Compare with buying a Lease return

A very high percentage of vehicles for sale being 2 to 4 years old at dealerships are lease returns and in most cases the mfg full warranty is about to expire or have expired, and your now faced with an added expense should you want an extended warranty

End of Lease

Buying a lease return will most likely have been one or two drivers only compared to a rental unit " BUT " has all mainteance been kept up to date if the consumer has no intensions of purchase at end of lease agreement
Service advisors will recommend work to be performed and  consumers whom owns their vehicle are more likely to have work performed, but it's a fact most having a leased vehicle will not, thinking my lease will be up in another ?  " therefore " why waste my money vehicle will last till then.

Where To Find The Best Quality Used Vehicle's 1 To 6 Model Years Old

I highly recommend if your shopping for a certain type used car then shop first at a Franchise Dealership that sells that make as there are several factors to consider.

# 1... All parts needed for re-condition of vehicle will be original parts not after market

# 2... The Mechanics knowledge of vehicle is 100% compared to off makes

# 3... Dealer wants you back buying a brand new vehicle, and that means deliver the used car with 100% satisfaction the first time

# 4... Should you return with problems you are more likely getting total satisfaction from a dealer selling same brand of vehicle.

# 5... Vehicle will 100% be checked for recalls or service work needed before being sold
# 6... Should you wish an extended warranty it will most likely be from the same Mfg as vehicle you purchased , third party after market
warranty's, the risk factor is to high getting satisfaction with your claim, and many are not worth the paper they are written on.

# 7... Its highly unlikely the dealer will sell you a vehicle were " example " the brakes or tires barely passed inspection their goal is to have you back buying the same product and gain you as a service customer

EXAMPLE... If your considering buying a Ford then shop all Ford Dealers within range before you shop elsewhere " The # 1 Factor " The Ford dealer gets first pickings of all lease returns and you can rest assured they will pick all the cream puffs for their inventory, whatever is left over will go to dealer auctions and if you enter a Franchise dealership were they have a good selection not being their brand to balance inventory then remember they did not have first pickings , if you go shopping at a non Franchise Dealer price may be much less but the risk factor goes with price " accident repair, dings, ovespray, rough condition, higher miles.

SUMMARY... You want a Nissan - Toyota - GM - Mazda - Chrysler or whatever make, your best selection for quality will be at the Franchise Dealer selling that label , you will pay a bit more on average, but your investment is more secure, dont shop price to save a few bucks, shop quality, and peace of mind is to have a history report from AutoCheck  

Don't purchase any used car before you check for unfixed safety recalls

Over 2 million used cars were sold last year with unfixed Mfg recalls because it's not mandatory by law to notify a buyer. If your current car was purchased used, certified and your mechanic gave it a 5 star rating you could still potentially be driving a time bomb without knowing. Having Mfg recalls inspected or fixed is done for free by any franchise dealer of that make,,, 

Some reasons why 2 million used cars were not checked by a Franchise Dealer

1,,,  Mfg's mail out recalls, some owners may have moved and mail not forwarded, while others consider it minor and can't be bothered, still others just can't find the time to visit a dealer. 

2,,,  A private seller having purchased vehicle brand new may have been notified with more than one recall thats never been fixed and now selling vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer

3,,,  When you enter a used car lot it's a proven fact that many of these dealers only have interest in flipping a car fast and don't care about checking recalls knowing the average buyer if having a concern it will only be " has this car been in an accident "

4,,,  A dealer views a history report that may have recalls but don't bother to check if the service has been done " why " because that means having to drive vehicle to a franchise dealer of that make vehicle, wasting time with no profit to be had, car can still be sold certified because there are no laws that require a car's owner to notify a potential buyer that the car being sold is the subject of a recall.

Summary,,, Shopping for a used vehicle shop first any new car dealer that sells that brand of vehicle you want to buy, recalls they love, the dealership and mechanics profits fixing any issue that will be paid by the Mfg. Their used car department however in most cases dealing with off makes will most likely be same as # 4 answer listed above. 

Simple solution checking if any outstanding re-calls are unfixed

Call any new car dealer that sells the brand of vehicle you are presently driving or may purchase and ask for the service department. Tell them you want to know if your vehicle has any unfixed recalls, have the 17 digit VIN number ready, they will enter this information into their system and can tell you in a flash if there are any outstanding issues for free. The VIN plate with the 17 - digit's will be located on driver side corner of dash near windshield.

Summary,,, Potentially going back just 3 model years that spells 6 million cars on the road that have recalls unfixed, imagine going back another 3 years,,, that is a scary number. On the news we only hear about major Mfg recalls or an accident happened due to a faulty whatever, and thousand of vehicles will be recalled,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, How many mechanical breakdowns happen every day that you don't hear about where an in - direct or direct failure happened because of a recall was not fixed,,,,,,,, Personally I don't know, but hopefully you get my point,,, thanks for having read this page.