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Enough Study
You need a Brain Break

A little old Irishman gets pulled over by a policeman, who says,

"Sir? Do you realize your wife fell out of the car about a mile back?"

The old fella replied, "Oh, thank Christ. I thought I'd gone deaf!"



About Me and My Website 


My name is Ray Paulsen, areas of knowleadge and expertise include Management - Retail - Wholesale - Auctions - Appraisals and Vintage Automotive, as of 2012 over 40 years in the business " retired " golf not my game so here I am kicking tires on the Internet.

A few random thoughts that come to mind after 40 years in the business 

There are no used cars anymore -  used cars are now called pre-owned " like new " vehicles with most having been driven by little old ladies and sprinkled with baby power every day.

The salesman with his checkered jacket bow tie and polyester pants has been put out to pasture, you now have to deal with a new breed called consultants that relies on computers for brains.

The 60's - 70's was all Ford - GM - Chrysler and Dodge, a time when just one glance Was all that it would take, And you would know the kind of car, the model and the make

 Cars that used to last 100K will now last beyond 250K with a little TLC

The 80's and 90's and into the 2000 Japanese cars monopolized, many buyers today are still brainwashed with Japanese products and will pay extra for the label without comparing the product 
Korean cars of the 90's was total garbage but today got some fair market share due to price, but will still finish last in the homestretch along with Chrysler

German engineered cars today without doubt are quality and luxury, but with a price tag to match being slightly beyond the average household, but if you got the coin it's an excellent investment to join the wienerschnitzel crowd.

For best basic transportation some Ford models are the best investments in todays market.

Mistakes buyers continually make in todays market that totally blows my mind

You are at this very moment sitting with tools right in front of you that were not available a few years ago and the dealer is still holding the big stick " why " here are just 2 area's that come to mind

(1) New,,, Statistically most buyers enter a dealership showroom to view a particular model, a high percentage of these shoppers have done extensive study on the Internet regarding safety quality and performance but arrives without the # 1 tool that's totally free for US residence zip codes only " an Internet new car quote " for more detail on how to obtain the best  new car/truck quotes under navigation on the left side of your screen link to # 3

(2) Used,,, Should I purchase a history report " naw " but I will buy a used car for $5000. - $40,000. but will not waste $40. on a history report, nor got the time to waste bucks on an independent mechanical inspection, because the seller just seems so honest ,,, but when screwed will express dissatisfaction to all friends and Internet forums.

Google ads implanted into web pages can be usefull " However " on this site some Google ads would scam you for money

When you visit a web page and google ads are present the ads mostly tie in with contents that open other windows for you to pursue.  Note there are no google ads on this site.  As an example - if allowed the google spider will crawl pages such as Car Warranties or Credit Reports, Google would then be posting ads about the very fraudulent sites that I tell consumers to stay away from. .

People often ask me why I post these articles

The answer is simple; I have seen too many families- some with several kids that could barely afford a car (let alone the car they were buying) being taken to the cleaners by the dealership. This happened hundreds of times over the years, knowing it was wrong , my hands were tied. I could not interfere, I could not show compassion, I had to provide for my own family and that meant selling cars.

It"s easy for consumers to complain that all car salespeople and the dealerships they work for are scum.

But the real truth is most consumers enter a dealership not knowing the steps or process of buying a vehicle, which vehicles they can afford, how financing works, etc. Every industry has their own way of doing things, their own inner workings, processes, even languages and secrets. All businesses are in the business to make money and over the years, they have learned hundreds of ways to make the most amount of money possible on every deal. You must be prepared, you must know as much as you can about their ways of working the deal to their benefit.

Too much info can lead to total confusion.

For example, you enter a car related query into a search engine and up pops hundred of links with so much info at hand that the average surfer is impatient and stays with a link only a short time getting bits of information with many different answers. The end result is confusion.

There is a stunning high number of websites providing information with little or no experience in the field

When you surf for answers to a query, abundance of links are at your fingertips, you may be impressed with the professional catchy layouts some of these sites provide, however reading some of the contents I more than often question it's authentic value for the consumer and end up looking for answers only to find out many of these sites are provided by student car buffs or in some cases stay at home mom's.

Eliminate sites that entice you with answers you can only obtain with $$$ such as books - CD'S or membership.

Be Aware reading 3rd party info such as articles by freelance writers, in most cases the information has been obtained by study.

Q & A forums most answers are provided by people whom are not in the auto industry,while some answers are excellent " be cautious " before you make a hasty decision on an answer provided to a question.