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You Got a Deal

The salesman shakes your hand and your relieved negotiations are finished

yes they are finished as for price of vehicle being established

round 2 is about to begin

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Have a Brain Break

A Policeman stopped a guy for driving erratically. He peered intently into the driver's eyes and said, "Your eyes look bloodshot, have you been drinking?"  

The guy peers into the policeman's eyes and says, "Your eyes look glazed, have you been eating donuts?"

Tips on how to negotiate

If you ever bought a new or used car from a dealer, did it go something like this " short test drive " salesman writes the stock # on a worksheet, takes your credit card for a deposit and presto you own a car, its a salesman's dream, amazingly it still happens thousand of times every day, in salesman lingo it's called a lay down.

I know you are much smarter because at this very moment you are surfing the Internet looking for answers and know buying a car nobody pays full price and you want to be prepared when the time comes to purchase.

Your offer is less than the asking price, the salesman takes your offer along with your credit card to the manager on duty,,, 99.9% I guarantee if there was a deposit in hand, salesman returns with a counter offer for you to sign but without your deposit...now whom is in control???

If you are negotiating while dealer have your deposit or credit card...you are a pigeon with no wings to fly away

Every dealerships I worked at back in the 70's and 80's insisted on a deposit with an offer, many dealers today still use this strategy, personally I think it's bull****, I will initial my offer, but beyond that I walk.

You Must Walk Away
Salespeople today are highly trained to close the deal on your first visit because if they can't the dealership down the street will, I firmly believe no matter how good the deal, sleep on it and be 100% sure it's what you really want... Throughout my career I can't recall a single week passing without a buyer having some kind of remorse, nothing has changed, my mailbox quite often has got requests about how to get a deposit refunded.

A Very Common Mistake Many Buyers Make
When the salesman returns to the desk with the worksheet offer that was not excepted, I say not excepted because if it was then consider yourself " a lay down "
many buyers at this point will listen to a song and dance routine and except the come back offer " it's show time " if you have a final number in mind before you walk, now is the time - many buyers at this stage make the mistake to sit there and ponder or getting on the phone, the dealer is watching you and knows they still have the upper hand as your still at dealership, your offer may already be a deal, but why should dealer accept your offer when your showing emotions by not leaving.

From experience i cant count the number of times the first offer by consumer was a deal and the offer went back several times to buyer for more profit...

" Dealer Lingo " Are you what we call a Squirrel ?
If the salesman can't corner you, you may suddenly be introduced to a third party known as the closer " this stragey works well " a fresh face to wear down a " squirrel " The closer may be the manager or someone hired with excellent people skills and a fresh approch.

All In - Out The Door Price
The buyer will only sign the bill of sale if the negotiated price is the final amount on bill of sale, it stops the dealer from any other add-ons.

It's a valid way to negotiate to ensure no hidden surprises, however you better have a calculator in hand as the offer will 99% of the time come back with a counter offer should you want to pursue the deal further in this manner.

Before you consider to make any offer ask salesperson to jot down all extra fees that will come into play over and above the asking price, taxes and DMV cost is fully acceptable, beyond that it's buyers beware.

Verbal Promises
It's very important when negotiating that all verbal promises are included on worksheet such as a small dent to be fixed, scratches - torn seat - knob missing - replacements ect ect...
It happens thousand of times everyday a buyer notices something to be fixed or replaced while viewing or test driving a car and salesman says it will be fixed or we will look into it and then salesman and buyer forget to include mentioned details written with offer

Its to late when you come to pick up your car and then say to salesman...YOU SAID that would be fixed...in most cases its an honest mistake by salesman, but at the same time the dealer did not allow this expence into the negotiation process when salesperson presented the offer and don't feel obligated...
subject to cost factor the dealer will on many occasions bend to retain customer satisfaction or the salesman will foot the expence...
many buyers take delivery driving away angry but will have learned a step in the buying process the hard way

When you purchase a NEW car you get spare keys and a Manual, with a used car it's hit and miss

Upon delivery Salesman hands you one KEY and says thanks for the business, lots of buyers at this point says i am supposed to get 2 keys or where is the manual, make sure all little promises are written on bill of sale before you sign.


 Its a fact 10% of the salespeople make as much as the other 90% combined,
Testing the buyer for high gross profit is an art that many sales people can't master being afraid they may lose the customer.
"example" having a gross profit around $2000. most sales people will be satisfied having a deal,selling with no compassion a veteran salesman may return deposit if there was one in hand and say sorry need another $$$,and watch the buyer get in his car and when he started to move knew he had taken him to the limited and it was time to bring him back in as there were no more money on the table.

 A buyer should not negotiate a price without having a firm figure in mind and that means a little homework has been done, when I went to dealer Auctions every car that I bid on there was an amount in mind and if bidding went even one dollar over that amount I was out of the running, the same should apply from a buyer, get up and leave, don't stand around, If dealer lets you leave then you know your offer was to low, you can go home and phone or make a u-turn and offer $$$ more, if you dont like to negotiate this way then pay the dealer what they want, its your hard earned bucks on the line, not mine...

I tested buyers to see if they would leave the dealership - you test the dealership to see if they will let you leave

Note about "walking out." This doesn't work if your offer is, truly, unrealistic. You need to do your homework before going in

  Free Insurance quotes on the Internet

Yes its free, but it can be at risk in potentially sharing confidential or personal information with illegitimate sources because many are from third party providers that will submit your request to many Insurance Companies plus their agents and partners for profit.

Every Insurance advertiser on the Internet use the same type slogans " you could be saving as much as " if they all save us money - then are we really saving anything ?

Don't misunderstand , I firmly agree this being an excellent free service that everyone should pursue to compare current policy cost or get an estimate on a vehicle that may be considering for purchase,,, But whom you obtain it from without getting spammed is the key