Sucker Ads

You will only benefit from this type sale if it rains

Yep, fill out the form, the salesman will be only to happy to phone you twice a week while your having dinner

Very true, as long as your offer is not below asking price

3 - 6 MTHS - 1 YEAR

Great deal, if accumulation of interest in the interim period have not been added to payments

Now there is the real deal, take the whole family and leave your credit cards at home

Very true if your grocery shopping, at a dealership every day is sale day

It starts in january and ends in december

and on the 5th day, the sale will get even better

only buyers suffering from insomnia should attend these type sales

the dealer is talking about your wallet


Words that Triggers your Mind


Fancy way of saying expensive

Limited Time Offer

Left behind if you don't take advantage


Makes you feel more confident


If you're thinking I can always take it back, it's probably something you don't really need


Draws positive attention to plant a hook in your wallet


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Every Insurance provider will save you money ???

Every Insurance advertiser on the Internet use the same type slogans " you could be saving as much as " if they all save us money - then are we really saving anything. Don't misunderstand , I firmly agree this being an excellent free service that everyone should pursue to compare your current policy cost or get an estimate on a vehicle you may be considering for purchase,but whom you obtain it from is the key. Filling out countless online forms from who knows what websites only to get blasted with numerous phone calls from insurance agent solicitors is not my idea for online comparisions.  

You need to be in control when researching online " What is my damn rate " and " please do not call me

RATEKICK is a new player with an unbiased search engine to use for comparing insurance rates , so you can do your research before you buy and not be held hostage by the insurance provider,,, Score one for the insurance consumer finally. So go ahead and shop and compare your insurance rates on RATEKICK 

Renewable Policy An immensely amount of policy holders renew their auto Insurance annually without second thoughts - it arrives in the mail box - they don't question any diverge thinking auto Insurance is mandatory and all providers charge about the same " red flag "
Yes it's a fact the Internet has made Auto Insurance so competitive with savings it's worth a few minutes to get a free quote to compare with your present provider or simply getting a quote on a vehicle you may consider for purchase.

Factors that will determine cost Gender - women are the safer drivers, I know that statement hurts a bit, but it's facts us guys are a higher rate... Age...Traffic Violations...Accident claims... location... Type of Vehicle... Anti - Theft Devices... Daily Distance to Work... Credit Score " yes " Credit Score, the insurer will check the Credit rating of the person " why " Insurance companies calculate the risk associated with a person based on credit ratings.

Don't buy a vehicle without knowing Insurance cost I don't know the exact statistics but from personal experience I estimate over 30% will negotiate to purchase a vehicle prior to knowing the exact Insurance cost " red flag " I cannot count the number of times having sealed a deal and buyer calls after conversation with the Insurance company to say sorry the Insurance is not affordable, the deal is off " no the deal is not off " you signed a contract with no mention Insurance being a condition " your deposit has entered a danger zone "

Reputable Dealers will return your deposit with no hassle , the scum dealer will play hardball at this stage and make you walk away from a deposit, and has every right because there were no subject " to " on the bill or sale/ contract,,, having personally been associated with both these type dealers I am not proud to mention, the scum dealer in order for you not to forfeit your deposit, select another vehicle from their inventory that is affordable getting Insurance " yer right " your now at the mercy of the dealership like a pigeon with no wings " but you can't locate another vehicle that's interesting " at this point forget hardball, it's time for powerball for the pro scum dealer to check your strenght and go one step beyond already having secured your deposit, but realize much more profit by you taking delivery " here is the dealers angle, and it has worked more times than I care to mention.

Mr buyer, never mind your deposit, that's history, you bought, you signed a contract, we will take legal action. Many buyers at this point will play into the dealers hand " don't " simply walk away from your deposit, I can't recall or knowing any dealer taking that extra step

The whole point here is, if you don't know for sure if Insurance may become an issue don't commit unless deal is written subject to Insurance cost.