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Used Car Warranties

Websites whom recommend providers not directly backed by the Mfg are red flags



Used Car Warranties

Are issued direct or backed by the Mfg


If you own a Ford and purchase an extended warranty issued by Ford every dealer in North America will have you posted on their screen and will provide instant service no hassle.

Any other type warranty, will be a hassle, for a full explanation click here 

Here's a look at credit scores among the US population

Up to 499: 1%
500 - 549: 5%
550 - 599: 7%
600 - 649: 11%
650 - 699: 16%
700 - 749: 20%
750 - 799: 29%
Over 800: 11%

Credit scores (usually) range from 340 to 850. The higher your score, the less risk a lender believes you will be. As your score climbs, the interest rate you are offered will probably decline.

        Excellent - 750 - 850
        Good          660 - 749
        Fair             620 - 659
        Poor           350 -  619 



Car Salesman Training School

You may find this a funny joke but it's reality about what goes on behind closed doors at dealerships



10% become top guns  


90% becomes a mixture of average income or Macaroni and cheese for dinners 



Summary Yes it's a fact, 10% of the sales force earn as much as the other 90 %. Selling cars is like a revolving turnstile with applicants that just can't hack the hours or income being a novice in the field.
Ask you salesman how long been in the business, if the answer under 10 years you got a novice, over 15 years you may have a top laid back gun that knows how to work on your emotions.





  Shopping for a Brand New Car ?

Prior to the late 90's buyers entered dealer car showrooms having seen their choice of vehicle through TV - newspaper ads or from word of mouth. The only way to compare a fair deal was to shop other dealers. Today the wise shopper will have a free Internet quote.

Let the salesman ramble with the best deal,,, 90% says,,, you will end up pulling the best deal from your back pocket and he will play ball... as the old saying goes a skinny deal is better than no deal.

The best new car quotes on the Internet are  Automotive.com   Edmunds.com   Obtain free quotes from both as quotes may differ slightly.
There is no catch. Dealers compete for your business online and I assure you that the prices quoted will be the lowest.

Note only Zip Codes of United States qualify for this totally free excellent service " Rest of the world " sorry " you're on your own.



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Simply copy/paste www.usedcartips.org into your address book and forward ,,, don't ever buy another car without reading up here first.

Friends and your social networking need to be on a level playing field when entering a Car Dealership