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Having answered a few thousand questions on the Internet,  many were questions that could have been answered with a little research on the consumer's part by simply looking up the State or Province DMV location looking for an answer.

Whatever State your located, before buying or selling a vehicle the laws differ from State to State, check your State laws now and learn the rules, if you can't find an answer your looking for, feel free to post the question in my forum along with your zip code.

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  Free Insurance quotes on the Internet

Yes its free, but it can be at risk in potentially sharing confidential or personal information with illegitimate sources because many are from third party providers that will submit your request to many Insurance Companies plus their agents and partners for profit.

Every Insurance advertiser on the Internet use the same type slogans " you could be saving as much as " if they all save us money - then are we really saving anything ?

Don't misunderstand , I firmly agree this being an excellent free service that everyone should pursue to compare current policy cost or get an estimate on a vehicle that may be considering for purchase,,, But whom you obtain it from without getting spammed is the key