The vehicle most stolen in United States is the Honda Civic.
For export via ship containes, BMW, Porsche and high end SUV'S are the # 1 picks


The first electric traffic light in north america was installed in OHIO in 1914


1923 was the year a radio was first offered as an accessory


Oldsmobile was the first car to have an automatic transmission


Buick was the first car to offer turn signals as an accessory


1901, Only 1 in 9500 american households owned a car
1924, One in seven
1960 One in three


Oklahoma was the first state to have parking meters...the year 1935


New York state passed the first law requiring safety belts to be attached while driving 1984


an astounding 90% survey  says car owners sing or hold conversation with their car while driving

The first paved road was laid down outside DETROIT in 1908 made from concrete


In 1903 the first car was driven across america...its journey took 63 days


In 1912 there were 275 Automakers in united states


Survey of newly qualified drivers

78% of drivers chose their first car because friends had the same make or model

81% of young women drivers chose their first car on colour alone.

76% of young drivers ignored parental guidance when making the purchase.

65% of drivers had no formal mechanical check of the vehicle before going to purchase



 In 1701 a french army officer established a settlement between lakes ST.Claire and Erie... later to be called 1904 an automobile company was founded ...Cadillac Motor Car honor of its founder... Antoine Cadillac

 A young lad from Scotland settled in Detroit...his plumbing inventions are still used today... his obsession with engine's was another talent and in 1903 the Buick Motor Co was organized...William Durant ( founder of General Motors ) bought the Company in 1908 for $100,000...To date the Buick name has been stamped on over twenty-five million cars... David Dunbar Buick  made bad investments with his $100,000 and passed away so poor even his phone was out of for the founder of General Motors William Durant he lost everything during the depression and his last venture was opening a bowling alley in Flint 1940...


  A swiss race car driver and engineer landed on the shores of north america in 1900...Hired by W.Durant founder of GM...Durant disliked the man but loved his name...Chevrolet Motor Co was founded...Louis chevrolet could not get his ways and sold his stock in 1913...  having several failing business ventures General Motors felt an obligation towards the man that provide the name Chevrolet as the number one seller...and Louis Chevrolet  found himself back on the payroll in 1934  

BUYING a certified vehicle is all about safety...the engine and transmission can be real poor and still pass inspection

BLUE - BLACK or WHITE smoke  what it means when a car's exhaust is blowing one of these

BLUE...oil burning...broken rings...bad pistons
BLACK...unburned fuel...poor fuel mixture burning to rich...bad injector or fuel regulator
WHITE...bad head gasket...burning coolant or antifreeze






Can you imagine having the same car for 82 years?!!!



Mr. Allen Swift ( Springfield , MA.) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Picadilly P1 Roadster from his father, brand new -in 1928.

He drove it up until his death at the age of 102 !!!

He was the oldest living owner of a car from new.

He donated it to a Springfield museum after his death. It has 170,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition.  


Here is an interesting 3 minute video - a lady whom turned 101 in 2011 and can still change the plugs and oil on her pride and joy