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# 1 Factor Buying

is to know complete past history of any used vehicle prior to purchase

Dealer shows you a clean history report


Is it up to date ?

What if the report was requested while being accident repaired and yet not reported, Score one for the bad guys

history reports are several pages, destroy a vital page, seen this little trick work a few times

Buttom line

Buy your own fresh report card on every vehicle that you may consider

In USA best rated are



Enough Study
You need a Brain Break


A policeman stopped a guy for driving erratically. He peered intently into the driver's eyes and said, "Your eyes look bloodshot, have your been drinking?"

The guy peers into the policeman's eyes and says, "Your eyes look glazed, have you been eating donuts?"



The cop got out of his car and the kid, who was stopped for speeding, rolled down his window.

"I’ve been waiting for you all day," the cop said.

The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could."


# 1...Shopping for monthly payments only
# 2...Saying..."I'm paying cash, what's your best price?"
# 3...Not testing vehicle performance properly
# 4...Total trust in dealership and salesperson
# 5...Not getting full history of car
# 6...Getting sucked into aftermarket products
# 7...Advertisements that guarantee top dollars for trade
# 8...Not negotiating scratches - dents - manual - extra keys.
# 9...Not shopping more than one dealership
# 10...Letting emotions rule your brain

Any one of these mistakes could cost you thousand of dollars or have a lemon parked in your driveway

# 1...Shopping monthly payments only

One of the first questions a salesperson will ask is "Are you financing?" If you answer yes then you are a payment buyer, and the price of the vehicle, in most cases, becomes secondary. This allows for a huge profit for the dealer. Answer this question with "I have not decided." and negotiate the final price of the vehicle before getting monthly payment amounts.

# 2...Saying..."I'm paying cash, what's your best price?"

Don't ever ask a dealership that question...it will tell them that you are uneducated when it comes to buying a car, here is how you approch http://www.usedcartips.org/CASH.html

# 3...Not testing vehicle performance properly

From personal experience I have found that 80% of people don't have clue of how to test drive a car, Do you?
If you want to follow my footsteps or pick up a few pointers that you may not have considered, here is a detailed link http://usedcartips.org/TESTDRI.html

# 4...Total trust in dealership - salesperson

A yappy high pressure rookie will never gain your trust - an experienced top gun salesperson will appear laid back using no pressure, but knows the right moments to use key words to play with your emotions and gain your trust.
You must realize the salesperson is working on a commission of the gross profit in the 25% - 30% range. The more you pay - the more commission gained... They don't make that money being your friend.

# 5...Not getting full history of car

This is a major key step in the buying process, for a detailed explanation read up here    history report

# 6...Getting sucked into aftermarket products
Leaving a dealership having just bought a car, for many it's a moment of excitement and stressful relief,,, You get home feeling like you been through a meat grinder, put your feet up relax and having a look at the bill of sale you signed,,, it's the moment where many buyers start to question the numbers or if they really need the ad ons,,, Here is a detailed link that will explain the clever ways how a dealer suck you into aftermarket products http://www.usedcartips.org/ANYWARRANTY.html

# 7...Advertisements that guarantee top dollars for trade - or sell private
This is a broad subject, for full details trade

# 8...Not negotiating scratches - dents - manual - extra keys

It's very important when negotiating that all verbal promises are included on worksheet such as a small dent to be fixed, scratches, torn seat, knob missing, replacements, etc. It happens thousand of times everyday...A buyer notices something to be fixed or replaced while viewing or test driving a car and the salesman says it will be fixed, or we will look into it. After all the other details have been worked out, these little promises are forgotten, and the deal is written up without them.

It's too late now when you come to pick up your car. You say to salesman "YOU SAID that would be fixed" In most cases it's an honest mistake by the salesman, but at the same time the dealer did not allow this expense into the negotiation process when salesperson presented the offer. The dealer does not feel obligated. Subject to cost, the dealer will, on many occasions, bend to retain customer satisfaction or the salesman will foot the expense. Many buyers will take delivery driving away angry, but will have learned a step in the buying process the hard way.

When you purchase a NEW car you get spare keys and an Owners Manual. With a USED car it's hit and miss.

Upon delivery the salesman hands you one KEY and says thanks for the business. Lots of buyers at this point ask "Aren't I supposed to get two keys, what about the manual?"
Your buying a used car...CHECK that vehicle has everything you expect, no matter how small...Again this is something that must be written with offer...

# 9...Not shopping more than one dealership

You plan on visiting a dealership- getting a feel for what is out there, prices, etc. But when you leave you will have bought a car on your first visit! WHY? Salespeople are highly trained to close the deal on your first visit. They know if you leave you will probably buy at the next dealership you visit, because those salesmen are trained to sell today as well. If you don't leave your first visit to the dealership with just a look, instead having bought a car it's most likely dealer will have made huge gross profit...no matter how good the deal is you must study your options- if the deal is not there tomorrow then it was not to be. And from experience it's the complete opposite- it gets even better as time goes on.

# 10...Letting emotions rule your brain

Ask yourself with pen and paper… What manufacturers - Size - Models - Makes - and Equipment fit my budget…and what options are a MUST…
Because if you enter a Superstore with a huge selection, your emotions could take over, and you end shopping for - Looks - Style - Color - rather than needs...